Desarrollos Rotativos Ruiz S.L. is a family enterprise created to develop one's own products based on an innovative system.

   Since the year of its foundation, 2007, we are researching the interaction of a lever with a crankshaft in order to multiply power and to obtain the rotation of a machine.

   On the basis of this idea, we have realized and patented a new system, which is able to impulse a mechanism with this system that transforms internally the rotary motion in linear or contrariwise, obtaining important improvements in the performance of the machine.

   It has two differentiated ways of operation:

  • When an external force is applied, by means of a motor or another source, it multiplies the received potency, and in consequence it reduces the necessary force to develop a job.
  • If we apply energy internally, generates the rotation of the machine and it can multiply the power.

   This mechanism, be formed basically for a lever which has a slotted central area, and which rotates over a stationary crankshaft. It is based on one set, which comprising two housings wherein the lever is anchored by a shaft, about which it pivots, located in the peripheral area of the casing. By rotating the unit, applying a force on the housing, the lever slides along the grooved area, on the  crank journal which is stationary and anchored to the structure that supports the set, it pivots and generates an oscillation of the lever that results in a linear movement of the other end “Give me a place to stand, and I shall move the Earth with it” (Archimedes) The crank journal acts as a fulcrum, and it divide the lever in two arms, than configured appropriately they make a multiplication of the power in the arm that it be demanded and they increase the efficiency of the mechanism notably.

   In this way:

  • The energy necessary for its operation, is clearly inferior, that required a machine with the same performances.
  • The enhancement of power that is developed with this system, increase in terms of the relation among the lever arms.
   All our prototypes we are making them at another companies due we do not have staff neither means of one's own for the moment.

  • Show off our products, (We have displayed a prototype of compressor in Hannover Messe of April of the 2015.
  • We are on the lookout for partners and/or qualified personnel for the production of machinery with this innovation.
  • Granting rights of production if there are interested corporations.
  • Optimizing the current developments to appear to the marketplace with our innovative products.